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Choose to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. 

Your Health & Wellness Matter


In order to live a higher quality life, maintaining optimal wellness is key. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to subdue stress, reduce illness, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must achieve optimal wellness. 

Live With Passion & Purpose


To achieve optimal wellness, one must apply it towards every possible endeavor. You can apply a wellness approach towards your environment, community, career, belief systems, physical activities, self care, healthy eating, self esteem, and creative activities. Applying wellness in your everyday life will allow you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose. 

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Tami Colledge is a Reiki Master Teacher in Holladay Utah who practices traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho. She also teaches Reiki, practices animal Reiki, crystal healing, is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and a member of the International Center for Reiki Training.
No stranger to the world of health and wellness, she worked for over two decades in the natural healing industry.
Through her experience, Tami gained a tremendous respect for holistic healing and the phenomenal ability of the human body to heal itself.
 Having always been fascinated with chakras and the energy body, when she was introduced to Reiki, she was hooked. She believes that treating Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul is essential for long-term health and well-being. Hearing people share intimate and touching stories of personal healing and growth experienced through Reiki, she felt compelled to uncover the secrets behind their miraculous journeys.
Tami is the founder of Anahata Reiki & Wellness in Utah, and works passionately to educate and help others realize the benefits of this gentle, yet powerful healing art.
When she’s not making your chakras happy, she enjoys gardening, attending rock concerts, and spending time with her two bossy, mini schnauzers.



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90 Minute Reiki Session  $90

60 Minute Reiki Session  $60

Crystal Healing w/guided meditation $60 per hour

Animal Reiki Healing 

Distance Reiki Session

Reiki Classes  


 Tami is so good at what she does! I loved the comfortable environment and how safe I felt there. Also, the Reiki practice was very powerful in the best kind of way. Relaxed and calmed me and you feel that way for a couple days after.  ~Drea

 I left here so relaxed. This is the place to go for a professional experience with an intuitive and personal touch. Thank you for an amazing experience Anahata Reiki Healing Arts! 


 All I can say is AWESOME! I can’t believe how well that really works! It really gives you a sense of peace for your mind, body and soul! I feel like for me it was yoga while being still! Thanks❤️ ~Stacie

 Tami is an exceptional practitioner. She takes the time before AND after the session to both explore and explain what you are seeking, and what has been accomplished. Her environment is peaceful, tasteful, and welcoming. If you are expecting a nasty third world hippy hangout, you will be sadly disappointed, as everything is as beautifully decorated as her energy and spirit are. In terms of her abilities, Tami is very clear in explaining what she will be doing, and making sure what *YOUR* boundaries are before beginning. While her style & technique are gentle in approach, she is thorough, and will move energy as needed. I cannot recommend Tami highly enough, and you will find your day, life & energy better for having worked with her. Kim 

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Mom's and Dad's back to school special: 

Mention this CURRENT DEAL, schedule a 60 minute Reiki session in August or September and receive 20% off the regular session cost.

The News

Anahata Reiki has proudly joined THE SPACE at the NeuroImaginal Institute.  You will love this integrative new wellness center in the heart of downtown Holladay.